The recruiting platform that provides opportunities for international student athletes and success on the court or field for American university sports coaches.

Athletes and Parents

What we do

We offer a recruiting platform which connects international student-athletes with American university coaches and scouts. The connections on our recruiting platform may lead to more exposure, athletic scholarships, and greater future opportunities for registered student-athletes.

What can you expect?

Your own personal student-athlete profile

Premium features including video, references, and letters of interest

Recruiting information and advanced scouting by our supporters at the NCSA

We cannot guarantee a student-athlete will receive an athletic scholarship. We can guarantee however, that we will work everyday to provide every student-athlete the chance to be noticed and recruited.

Your path to being recruited starts here. It is free and takes less than two minutes. Reserve your profile today and show your commitment to university coaches and recruiters!

Coaches and Scouts

What’s in it for you?

Reduce time and stress finding athletes, spend more time evaluating and connecting with talented recruits

Large and unique talent pool to recruit from

Easily search and track talented and qualified student-athletes

College sports are incredibly competitive, and it all begins with recruiting. Deporte Conex offers the chance to view, evaluate, and connect with talented recruits at a click of the button. We help you reduce time and reduce stress from the typically complicated and fast-paced recruiting battle.

We help you uncover new talent and build impressive recruiting classes. Stop missing out on talented athletes and let us help you win the recruiting battle!

Why international talent?

Consider the following:

In 2008 16,000 international student-athletes played at NCAA schools with 70% of them playing at Division I schools. The number of international student-athletes playing intercollegiate sports has been increasing every year!

Physical location is no longer a limitation. Stop missing out on incredible talent and let us help you connect with athletes all over the world!

It’s free and takes less than 120 seconds.